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MyPropertyPortal for Home Owners

MyPropertyPortal is just as much for 'buy to live' home owners as it is for tenants and landlords.


  • A dashboard to display your key information and to-dos relating to your property / properties.

Smart search

  • Track and find any document, email, payment or note effortlessly.

File your contracts & documents

  • Store your mortgage agreement, insurance, utility documents, manuals, warranties and more online.

Manage your to-dos through a fully integrated diary

  • Automatically track and be reminded of key dates, payments and to-dos in your calendar.

Manage your mortgage online

  • Track, record and make payments.

Manage utilities online

  • Manage and track your council tax, water, electricity and gas services all under the one roof.


  • Your essential services such as Hospitals, Drs, Dentists, Pharmacies, Supermarkets and more all at the touch of a button.
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